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Everything you always wanted to know about CURRY!!!! ...but were afraid to ask!


Indian Recipes for Chicken Cooking
Curry ingredient fights skin cancer
Curry Kits!
British toddlers hooked on curry
Wikipedia: Curry
Making Curry Oil
World-Wide curries
Glasgow named curry king
How to make curry powder
Curry powder: History
1733 curry recipes
The origins of curry: Is it really English? Restaurant guide Death By Curry
Curry Spice Shuts Down Melanoma
Curry factfile
FoodTale: Curry
Curry Recipes. Including Fruity Egg Curry.
History of Curry
Which wine to drink with curry
Curry Capital: Home of the worlds hottest curry!
I Love Curry: Flickr Slideshow
Curry Quiz: Test your knowledge!
Indiastates recipes
Low Fat Curry Recipes
Cabbage Curry (wince!!)
Making a Curry Paste from Scratch
Manchester: The Curry Mile
Curry spice combats alcohol-related liver disease. Best news ever!!!
Curry found to pose significant health risks. Worst news ever!!!
Fish Head Curry
Sol Kadhi: A curry drink.
Spice Pages: Curry leaves
The Curry Connection: The origins of Curry
All Encompassing:
The Curry Sauce Company
The London Curry Website
The Bradford Curry Guide
The Hippy Gourmet: Includes a Vegan Curry
Curry-N-Rice Girl

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Food For Thought..

(What follows is a joint-blogging post from myself and ILuvNUFC.
from Look At This , to be posted simultaneously, more or less, on both of our blogs.)

Strange and weird food around the world is a subject that has always fascinated me. So here for your enjoyment is a pile of links demonstrating some of the more strange practices from around the world.

Bug-eating Page by Zachary Huang

Bush Tucker Glossary

Gross Me Out. Make your next adventure a culinary one with these challenging delicacies.

Monja-yaki. Looks like a pile of sick. (via)

Rat Cooking. Disgusting pictures. NSFW ADS

Food Dogs from the Asian Animal Protection Network.
We see no difference between pig eating and dog eating. The degree of objection lies in the methods of rearing, transport and slaughter rather than in the choice of species.
The popularity of dog eating is currently increasing at a huge rate - it is evolving rapidly from its traditions as a cottage industry. Now it is no longer a case of a few peasant farmers breeding a bitch once a year and taking the grown puppies to the market for a little extra pocket money. Huge dog farms are being set up using modern scientific factory farming methods

Anis kockens
Rude Foods.

How to Eat Cats. Some disturbing images here and also some very NSFW ADS

Kwakuitl Recipes. Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914 includes, amongst other things, how to cook salmon guts.

Eat Babies. (via)

Dinner with Mr. Hu. (via)

Live Monkey Brains recipe.

Gross Food. Why have a boring old dinner party when you can have a GROSS dinner party? Challenge your guests to bring the most disgusting looking (but tasty) dish they possibly can. Give prizes for best presentation and best tasting. Here are some samples.

Tuna Jerkies Strange food and kooky drinks including Tuna Jerkies for your pets and you!

Stinky Tofu. Its smell has been described as "baby poo," "hellacious" and "sharply foul".

Urban Legends and Folklore: Food and Drink. Urban legends and Netlore about food and drink: The McPus Sandwich; Kentucky Fried Rat; The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe; Cockroach Egg Tacos; "Secret Sauce."

Weekly World News presents Disgusting Dishes Around The World.

Snakes Alive Jello Streudel. Thanks brykmantra.

Weird Foods from around the World. Great site with lots of categories.

Global Gang's Food For Thought. Deep-fried mars bars? Jellied eels? Global Gangers tell us about the best and worst food they’ve ever eaten.
Also from Global Gang People eat the weirdest things.

Think you know your strange foods now? Well the take the The Weird and Disgusting Food Test.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ramen Noodles

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Want to Buy Some Edible Insects?

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All Recipes

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Weird & Different Recipes

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The cow udder eclairs sound divine!!

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Jamie Oliver - Naked Chef 2

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Everything you always wanted to know about HOTDOGS!!!! ...but were afraid to ask!

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Hillbilly Hotdogs
Auschwitz Hotdog Stand Pictures
The Evolution of Hot Dogs
Can Hot Dogs Cause Diabetes?
Crown Frankfurter Surprise
Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express
Fireworks and hot dogs
Hawaiian Frankfurter Spectacular
History and Legends of Hot Dogs
Talking Hot Dog
Condiment Holder

Hot Dog Day
Hot dog preservative could be new medication
Hot Dogs!
Hot Dog Eateries
Hot Dogs and Nitrites
Hot Dog Datafile
Hot Dogs of the Nordic
How to Grill Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
What are hot dogs made from?
Hot Dog Recipes
National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
Hot Dog History
New hot dogs to cost $170 each
Octodogs Frankfurter Converter
Whirly Weenie
Rusty The Narcoleptic Sausage Dog
Vegan Italian Hot Dogs
What Mustard Goes with Hotdogs and Bratwursts
Japanese Hot Dogs

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